3 Ideas To Prevent Grass Growth Underneath A Chainlink Fence

23 December 2015
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Grass and weeds can invade the area around the bottom of your chainlink fences, ruining the otherwise neat and attractive appearance of the fence line. While string trimmers are generally the answer for trimming plants in tight quarters, they don't work well with chainlink because the fencing tends to tear up the strings. Leaving the grass in place also isn't an option since it will weave into the chainlink and look bad. Read More 

Wood Fence Options For Your Home

8 December 2015
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Have you recently purchased a new home? Do you think that it's almost perfect, but still wish that the yard was more private? If your yard is unfenced, your neighbors and their animals may take it as an unspoken agreement to allow them to walk across your grass. Installing a fence will help keep anyone from using your yard as a shortcut. But since it can be difficult to decide exactly what type of fence will work best, here are some options that you may want to choose from: Read More 

4 Reasons To Put An Aluminum Fence Around Your Yard

5 November 2015
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If you've ever thought about upgrading your home or making your yard safer for your kids or pets, you've likely thought of having a fence put in. You want something that's different yet easy to install. Wooden fences are expensive and time-consuming to put up, and chain link is too plain for your decorative tastes. If you feel limited to just vinyl fencing to make your home more attractive and keep your yard safe, try considering aluminum fencing. Read More 

Fiberglass Is A Perfect Privacy Fence Material

20 October 2015
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A simple, affordable fence will make your yard much more usable. If you have small children and pets that like to play in the yard, a small privacy fence will make the yard much safer. You can play in your yard, with a little more security and privacy. Of course, when installing a fence in your yard, you want a product that is reliable and no-nonsense. Fiberglass is a great fencing product for customers who want to install a simple fence. Read More 

Equestrian Fencing Solutions | A New Breeder’s Guide

10 August 2015
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If you only have a few horses, you may never give a great deal of attention to the type of fence that you have to keep your horses contained. You can just place your horses in a pre-built arena and never be very concerned. However, if you take horse ownership to the next level as a breeder, horse fencing will be a very important topic, as your investment will grow and keeping the animals contained and safe will be of the utmost importance. Read More