Protect Your Garden With A Fencing Addition

24 June 2019
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If you love the idea of gardening, you may have been excited about buying a home because it opens up gardening opportunities in so many ways. Instead of being limited to growing indoor plants, you can head out into your front yard, side yard, and backyard to put together amazing gardens.

While you can get started at any time, you may want to invest in preparation that will protect your garden projects from suffering major damage. This means that you should work with professionals to install fencing throughout your property and gain the protection you need. Here are some places where you may want the protection that fencing can help provide.

Raised Garden Bed

When you are interested in adding raised garden beds, you may feel somewhat confident about protecting the plants from animals such as rabbits. However, if you want to maximize protection for your raised garden beds, you should consider fencing in the yard or at least the garden area.

Since you will need to create an opening to get into the garden area, you need to decide whether you want to leave a gap in the fence or install a gate. Opting for a gate is ideal if you do not mind having to open it every time you enter the garden area and want the greatest protection.

Ground Plants

Anything that you grow on the ground will be most susceptible to damage. But since this area is the most convenient for growing plants, you may intend on using it extensively. While any fence will provide a decent amount of protection, you should consider going with a solid fence without gaps to prevent critters such as mice, rats, rabbits, and raccoons from getting through.

To make sure that animals such as coyotes and raccoons cannot get over the fence and into your yard, you will want fencing professionals to install coyote rollers around the entire fence as well.


When you install a fence around the whole property, you will gain a lot of valuable protection for your garden. But you will not find it easy to gain overhead protection for your plants, which can come in handy as soon as birds figure out where your plants are located. This makes it beneficial to add a separate fence that only surrounds your garden as you can add overhead protection. With proper fence installation around vulnerable gardening areas, you can set up overhead netting that covers the whole garden to prevent birds from getting in while still giving you plenty of room to move around.

Hiring professional fence contractors to install a fence is a great idea when you want to start a garden.