Which Dog Fencing Is Going To Be A Good Fit For Fido?

27 June 2018
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You want to keep your furry family member safe anytime you let them outside to run in your yard. If you put your dog on a chain, there are many things that can go wrong. They can chew thin chains or rope, the snap that connects to the collar can become brittle and break over time, or your dog can get themselves tangled up. Putting your dog in a fence is a safer, preferable option for the above-mentioned reasons. You do have different choices available when it comes to the type of dog fencing you choose to go with. Here are some of those options:

 An electric dog fence can be used invisibly

You can opt for an electric dog fence that doesn't require you to put up a permanent type of fencing or deal with visible fencing. These fences work best as training fences. An electric fence can come in a kit that does include wiring you will string around the border of existing fencing that's not enough to keep the dog in, or you can temporarily put it up by attaching it to temporary posts. If you go with the latter option, make sure you watch the fencing when it is on so people don't accidentally touch it and put up cones or caution tape to tell them its there. You can also choose an invisible electric fence that allows you to set the perimeter. There are no wires to worry about. Your dog wears a collar that zaps them if they try to go beyond the perimeter you set.

Adjustable gate fencing

If you have a very small dog you plan on keeping an eye on when they are running around in the yard, you may be able to get away with an adjustable gate fence. These look like the plastic baby gates people put up in their homes to keep their young children from accessing certain areas of the house. However, they will come with a number of panels you can add more to. You can shape them as a square, a rectangle or in shapes such as octagons. You can put this type of dog containment fence up anytime you want, and you will want to pack it away for safety in high winds.

A chain-link dog run

You can purchase a chain-link dog run in different sizes. This type of dog fencing isn't permanent, but you can make it permanent if you choose by cementing it in the ground. This is what you may want to go with for big dogs. They can come in different heights as well, so you can contain jumpers.

What are the benefits of giving your dog more time in the yard?

If you've been walking your dog when they need to relieve themselves or resorting to putting them on a chain, then you should learn about the reasons why giving them some running space is a good idea. For one thing, dogs will wear down their nails when they are allowed to do things like dig or walk around for a good amount of time on hard surfaces. Secondly, dogs also need vitamin D from the sun. Finally, active dogs will behave better when they are allowed to burn off energy by running around outside.  Now that you know just some reasons why outside time is important, you'll see the importance of getting dog fencing. Check out websites like http://www.4cornersfencingco.com for more information.