3 Unique Durable Hardwoods To Add Custom Features To A New Picket Fence

14 September 2016
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If you have want to add privacy and security to your home, investing in a new wood fence can give you exactly what you were looking for. Once the fence is installed, you may find that there are some things that you want to do to improve it, such as adding custom features, vertical planters, or even bench seating. You will need to use the right woods to do any DIY projects for your fence. Here are some of the most durable hardwoods that you may want to use to give your fence a few personal touches:

1. White Oak For Better Performance Outdoors Than Other Oak Species

White oak can be one of the best materials available when it comes to outdoor performance. It is a very affordable material compared to other woods because it is a widely distributed domestic tree species. White oak can also come in many different dimensions, which can make it a good choice for many different projects, such as using a slab of a trunk to create a bench or table top.

2. Black Locust For A Weather Resistant Wood Feature With A Fine Finish

Black locust is another material that is very resistant to decay and insects. It has also been used in the past by farms to build durable outdoor fencing and other features. Today, it can be a little more costly than oak but still offers you a great domestic alternative to oak. It also finishes well, which makes it ideal for custom projects, like outdoor furniture and features like lettering to add to your fence.

3. Teak For Elegant Furnishing And Features For Your Fence And Outdoor Space

Teak is a tropical wood that has been commonly used in the construction of outdoor furniture. It is a very durable material that is practically rot-proof. If you are planning on adding custom features to your fence like planters, this can be a good choice to use. Other materials that you may want to consider for things like planters include Brazilian Ipe or mahogany. All these wood species have high rot resistance ratings and can withstand the combination of soil and moisture in planters.

These are a few hardwoods that you may want to consider to add a few custom touches to your fence. If you are ready to add privacy and security to your home, contact a fencing company like Allied Fence of Tampa Bay and talk with them about some other things that can be done to improve your fence installation.