Four Reasons To Choose Vinyl Instead Of Wood Fencing

27 May 2016
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Wood has been used as a fencing material for centuries. Among other reasons, wood was used historically because it was the least expensive and most readily available option that most people had access to. Today, you have many choices available to you, and if you are trying to decide whether to use wood or vinyl to make your fence, vinyl has many advantages over wood. 

The Pretty Side of Life

When you build a wooden fence, you need to remember which side of the fence that you get to look at. Typically, you install the slats on the outside of your fence so that all of your neighbors get to see the clean, even slats. You, instead, get to look at the rails and posts that support your fence. Thus, everybody but you gets to see the pretty side of your fence. On the other hand, when you install a vinyl fence, both sides of the fence are equally beautiful, so you and your neighbors can enjoy a clean, even looking fence. 

Corrosion and Rot Resistance

If you live in a humid area, an area that gets a lot of precipitation, or an area along the coast, then the moisture can cause a metal fence to corrode and a wooden fence to rot. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a stable material that will not corrode or rot, so it can last a lot longer, especially in wet conditions, as compared to other fencing materials. 

Insect Resistance

When you install a wooden fence, the wood as it starts to rot can attract insects such as termites to your yard. Not only can these insects destroy your fence, but they can move on to other parts of your yard, or even move into your house. Vinyl will not rot and will resist insects much better than wood.

Reduce Maintenance

To prevent insect and weather damage, you will need to treat a wooden fence with either a sealant or paint whenever the color of the fence starts to fade or the paint starts to chip. Thus, you have perpetual maintenance costs. A vinyl fence is colorfast, so the only maintenance you need to perform is to wash the fence whenever it gets dirty. 

Vinyl is a great fencing material for many reasons. It comes in many colors and styles, so you should be able to find a vinyl fence that matches the color and design of your house. While it may cost you more initially, a vinyl fence can help you to save money over the long run. For more information on vinyl fences, contact a company like Mr Fence.