Securing Your Apartment Complex for Your Tenants

1 February 2016
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If you are the owner of an apartment complex, then it is up to you to make sure the residents are safe and sound. You should take all necessary steps to secure the property to the best of your ability and this article will help you to understand how to best do that.


Keeping the complex well-lit at night can help cut down on the crime and other troubles that can happen. Make sure the courtyard is lit up with bright lighting as well as all the sidewalks. The parking lot is another area where you should have plenty of lighting so criminals don't feel comfortable loitering or breaking into cars. If a lightbulb goes out on a tenant's porch, it should be replaced immediately.


Installing cameras throughout the property will cut down on crime by letting criminals know that they are being watched. Also, if something does happen on the property then the footage can be viewed to identify the person so they can be caught and prosecuted.

Security Guard

Hiring a security guard to patrol the grounds is another great way to ensure that there will be less crime, trespassing, loitering and vandalism in the complex. If you choose not to have a security guard around the clock, then having them cover the nighttime hours will be the most beneficial.

Assigned Parking

Assigning parking spots to your residents is one more way you can cut down on the amount of trouble in your complex. It ensures that the people taking up the parking spots are actually the ones that are supposed to be using them. It will also help to cut down on abandoned cars and can even prevent stolen vehicles from being ditched on your property.


Putting a tall fence all the way around the property will help prevent people who aren't tenants or invited guests from coming onto the grounds. The entrances to the apartment can have key locks, card access locks or combination keypad locks that the residents will use in order to get in. If you want to go with fencing that looks as if it's more for decoration than security, then you can go with ornamental iron fencing. It is secure and has a great look to it. If you have any questions about what fencing to get for your property, consider speaking to a fencing contractor, such as Carter Fence, to discuss your concerns.

Following this advice is going to help you offer your tenants a great place to live where they will be able to feel safer and enjoy an environment that's free of trouble and crimes that can make them want to move out.