3 Important Safety Features To Consider When Planning For Gate Automation In A Professional Setting

25 June 2015
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If you are responsible for the security and safety of a school or professional setting, you already know how challenging it can be to provide security features that are impossible for criminals to access. Therefore, it is important to point out that the basic systems from even a few years ago should be updated for best results. Fortunately, you will find that professional installation of a commercial fence is an ideal way to keep your facility free of unwanted visitors and the illegal activity they might cause. 

Computers Provide The New Security Codes For Gates To Open Or Close  

If this is your first system or you have not upgraded the system for a while, you may think that you need to choose and remember an access code. That is no longer always going to be necessary.

Specifically, the biggest change in this process that you will see is the automation of the access code. It will be changed automatically any time that the gate opens or closes. By doing so, thieves are unable to predict or use a code for easy access.

The Gate's Motors Don't Allow The Gate To Be Forced Open

You may be surprised to learn that the motor itself is a safety feature. The gears of the motors are designed in a way that prevents the gate from going backwards. However, be sure to have the gate inspected annually or as often as the manufacturer recommends, so that you never need to worry that wear and tear of the gears will impact its overall usability.  

It is a good idea to consider the extent of the safety measures required by the facility, based on its previous history. Its location, industry and any previous criminal activity will all impact whether a sophisticated motor and automated production of security codes are enough to keep everyone in the facility or on the grounds safe. If you are unsure, it will be helpful to consider upgrading some aspects of the standard security gate.

Choose The Appropriate Safety Add-ons 

Some of the most common (but often over-looked) options for increasing security in a commercial or business setting include:

  • Electronic keypads
  • Electric keycards
  • Sensors to locate stopped cars and locate people attempting to prevent the gates from closing  

In conclusion, the safety of a facility is typically only as safe as the technology that protects it. If you need to improve or install an automated gate at your place of business, it is crucial to consider not only what works today, but what will continue to make everyone safer in the future. When in doubt, upgrade the system, because doing so now will usually be easier and less expensive than it will be later on. Contact a professional fencing company, like Phoenix Fence, Co., for more information on installing your automated gate.