Rolling Devices Atop Chain-Link Fencing Thwart Canine Attempts To Climb Out

16 June 2015
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An aluminum chain link fence is effective for keeping most dogs in the yard. Now and then, however, a determined canine figures out how to jump up toward the top and climb over the fence to escape. You'd like to have a fence installed, but you worry that your dog is savvy enough to use this strategy. Adding barbed wire or an electrical wire to the top isn't an option because you don't want to injure your pet. One way to stop dogs from climbing over a fence is to install metal rollers on top. 

How the Rollers Work

These mechanical devices are attached to brackets along the top of the fence. They roll forward and backward instead of staying static when a dog puts its foot there. That either causes the animal to fall backward to the ground or to be stymied at getting over the top. 

An Added Advantage

These rollers not only keep your dog inside the yard, they also keep many kinds of wildlife out. In certain regions, for example, foxes, raccoons and coyotes climb fences to get into yards. They typically can't climb over these rollers, though.

Keep in mind that if your area has problems with coyotes, your fence must be at least 6 ft. in height so the animal can't simply jump over the structure. That may also be the case if you have a relatively tall, agile dog. 

What About Digging?

To prevent your dog and other animals that dig from getting under the fence, you may have the installer bury the bottom of the fence several inches down. This is standard procedure when a homeowner wants to prevent a dog from getting out. You also can have some fencing placed flat on the ground all along the fence perimeter. 

Zoning Regulations

Municipalities tend to be sticklers about zoning regulations. Make sure the height of your fence, including the rollers, is not taller than zoning allows. If the limit in your neighborhood is 6 ft., for instance, you cannot legally install rollers or any other equipment on top of a 6-ft. fence without a variance. 

Caring for the Equipment

You'll need to keep the rollers clear of debris, snow and ice for them to work properly. This should normally only require some attention with a broom on occasion. 

Getting the Rollers

When you contact fence installers for quotes, ask if they can also install rolling guards and what that will cost. You also can order products online and follow the instructions for a do-it-yourself project. 

For more information, speak with a company like Fence-It.