Installing A Fence Around Your Deck: Three Reasons Why

10 March 2015
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A deck, no matter if it is just an outdoor relaxation area or a deck surrounding a pool, is one place where you do want fence installation. In this situation, the fence is not so much decorative as it is utilitarian. However, that does not mean your fence installation has to be unattractive, either. Here are three reasons why you would want a fence around your deck.

Prevent Fall Injuries

The biggest reason most people install a fence around their decks is to prevent falling injuries. Children are especially susceptible to falling off decks and becoming injured, so the fence prevents this from happening. A fence of at least three feet in height stops children and most adults from falling over the edge of your deck. More importantly, if your deck is built over a ravine or attached to a split level home, you definitely want to prevent any possible injury.

Keep Wandering Children Out

This is definitely a good reason to put up a fence if your deck surrounds a pool. There is little that is worse than discovering a drowned child in your pool and knowing that you could have prevented it had you put a fence around the deck. While it is true that your neighbor's child should not be out wandering around in his or her own, the reality of it is that the neighbor could sue you for not fencing in your deck and pool.

Provide Your Outdoor Events with Privacy

If you do not already have a tall enough fence around the perimeter of your property, then surrounding your deck with a fence adds some privacy to anything you do on the deck. If you do have a fence around your property, it probably is not tall enough to compensate for the height of the deck. Then the fence around the deck adds another layer of privacy to your yard and outdoor events.

Hiring a Fence Installation Contractor or Doing It Yourself

If you are willing and able and have the time to install a fence around your deck, great. If not, a fencing contractor can do it for you. Depending on the size of your deck and the type of fencing material you want, your deck fence could be installed in a day or less. In most cases you do not have to be home during the installation because the job is all outdoors. However, you may want to leave a contact number with the contractor in case he or she has any questions during the installation. For more information, contact a business such as Reyes Fence.