Installing Aluminum Fencing

18 February 2015
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If you have a large dog, you will most likely want to place fencing on your property to keep it from running away or bothering neighbors. Many people like the look of ornamental iron fencing, but it is rather time-consuming to take care of, so it doesn't get ruined for inclement weather. Aluminum fencing is a great alternative to iron fencing. It has the same majestic look, is very sturdy, and requires very little upkeep. Here are some instructions you can use to place aluminum fencing in your own yard, creating an area to contain your pet.

Map Out The Area

The first step in installing fencing is to decide where you would like it placed. Go to your local hardware store to see what lengths of fencing they have available before starting your project. This information will help you determine where to place posts. Measure out the area where you intend on placing the fence. Mark each spot where a post is to be installed by placing a stake in the ground in this location. Tie the stakes together using twine so you will be able to see where your fence will be installed as you work on the project.

Placing Posts

Aluminum fencing uses different types of posts depending on which part of the fencing they are being placed. When you are going to angle your fence, you will want to use a corner post in that spot. They have holes on two adjacent sides of the post. Straight areas of fencing will use line posts. They have holes on opposite sides of the post. Special posts will need to be placed on each side of the gate. They are stronger so they support the swinging action of the door.

When placing posts, dig down to a depth of about 1/3 of the length of the post using a post hole digger. Fill the bottom of the hole with gravel. Have a friend hold the post in place while you pour cement into the hole around the post. Allow the cement to dry before continuing to add the fencing.

Adding Fencing

After your posts are in place, you can add the fencing rails by using the hardware included with the rails. The type of hardware used will vary depending on the brand of aluminum fencing you have purchased. Most will use screws or brackets to place the panels between the posts. The gate will need to be attached in a similar manner.

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